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MiCaSa Girl Scouts

of the Girl​ Scouts of California's Central Coast

Additional Troop Forms and Handouts

Annual Forms

Any time a troop attends an event or field trip/outing, Leaders must have the following four forms for each girl with them.

It is also advised to keep full sets of these forms in each vehicle driving the girls as well as a set with the troop's emergency contact back home. Troops MUST keep paper copies of these forms with them - storing them electronically (via Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive, etc.) is not allowed as the sole means of storage. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Service Unit Team at [email protected]

Troop Trip Guidelines

The Girl Annual Permission Form gives your troops permission to travel to, attend, and participate in most troop and Council-sponsored activities. A Troop Trip Application must be submitted for all troop activities which fall within the following guidelines:

Only Council can approve trips that are:

  • Longer than three (3) nights;
  • 250 miles or more from home. 

Troop Trip Applications

  • Completely fill out the Troop Trip Application including all emergency information and the names(s) of the first aider, CPR certified participant, and the camp certified attendee. Incomplete forms will be returned unsigned.
  • Stepping Out training is required for any overnight trips at a home, hotel, zoo, lock-in, etc. (not a camp ground) that does not involve cooking, a campfire, a barbecue, or a fireplace. Troop Camp Certification is required when spending the night at a camp ground, cooking outdoors, and/or building a campfire.
  • You must have your approved (signed) copy with you during the trip. If you do not, and a medical emergency occurs, the participants are not covered by Girl Scout insurance for the event.
  • Please turn in the application at least 2 weeks prior to your day or overnight trip.
  • Please remember to consult Safety Activity Checkpoints when planning your trip.
  • If you have men going on the trip, please include a note about the sleeping arrangements.

Troop Trip Application should be submitted to. SU Team

Forms can be submitted to SU Team via email, at the Service Unit Meetings or mailed directly to the Service Unit at P.O. Box 2508, Camarillo, CA 93011.

Please be sure to allow two weeks for review and

approval of all Troop Trip Applications.