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MiCaSa Girl Scouts

of the Girl​ Scouts of California's Central Coast

Please make sure you have the proper forms filled out and submitted to your SU manager BEFORE you have your event or travel. These are for the protection of the girl, troop and leader. If you have any questions, please contact the SU manager:

[email protected]

Troop Travel Forms: 
Trip or High Risk Approval Form
Troop Driver Information Form

Safety Forms: The following forms should be printed and placed inside the first aid kit. A first aid kit should always be available during troop meetings and events. When traveling in vehicles with girls, each vehicle should have a first aid kit.

Council Emergency Procedures - Steps for leaders for handling an emergency. This form should be printed and placed in the first aid kit. 
Incident and Injury Report - For notifying Council and Service Unit in case of an accident, injury or incident. 

First Aid log - For recording all first aid rendered, including minor injuries